Western Michigan University

Ivie Martin


Ivie Martin
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8.5 x 11

This photo was taken for an extended depth of field project at an abandoned trailer park in the middle of the night. I was trying to show the balance of ‘human nature’ and ‘earthly nature’.

1 thought on “Ivie Martin”

  1. I love this photo. The color palette is phenomenal and the quality and composition of it speaks volumes to the idea you’re tying to communicate. It’s a very still image and it seems to say this “earthly nature” will quietly and peacefully prevail while at the same time — and this is extremely difficult to do — not completely condemning everything “man” does as inherently evil. The image is perfect except for the top left corner where you’re getting some kind of reflection through trees it’s just distracting enough in shape and color that it pulls a lot from the image. If you can just assuage that this would be 10/10 gold star super great A+.

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