11 thoughts on “Javier A. Villaman”

  1. This photo is effectively unsettling in an understated, symbolic way. The composition of the watch LAYING in the grass and almost being swallowed by the grass — as time slips away from us. YIPES! The blades of grass are almost aggressive. Clever use of the leaf behind the watch — in almost the exact hue as the watch’s antique brass — to subtly position and weight the focal point. The use of the shallow field of depth adds drama.

  2. I enjoy how the grass in front and behind the watch creates a sense of depth and really helps place the watch squarely in the center of the image. I would challenge the photographer to be more deliberate in the creation of the shot. Could you catch the reflection of a sunset enough to indicate time of day, and make sure the time of the watch matches? Right now, there lighting and time of the watch make the timing of the shot seem ambiguous.

  3. There is a beautiful tone to this piece. I get the sense this watch just dropped out of someone’s pocket; it connects to something that’s not there as well as the time that, as you mentioned, was lost. The grass echoes the fuzziness of memory alongside the sharpness/promptness of time. I like the concept and I definitely think you could experiment with composition more, finding other ways to draw in the viewer, such as including the watch chain.

  4. The finish on this image is almost whimsical. The way the subject of the clock is placed grabs the viewer’s attention almost immediately. The focus is specifically on the watch, and the effect it makes works very well.

  5. I really like this picture. It reminds me of the watch the white rabbit has in Alice in Wonderland. I you did great on the composition and that the soft matte colors give it a more enchanting look about it.

  6. I really like this photo. I like how the watch is nestled into the dry leaf. I think the short depth of field works well to isolate the watch and effectively time.

  7. Great job with the description, you are very right. This picture captures those words so perfectly. You created a nice sense of depth by clearly defining the foreground, middle ground, and background. There is also a hidden narrative/mystery to this antique pocket watch. Who dropped it? will it be retrieved or is it lost forever? Anyways, nice job!

  8. I really like the placement of the pocket watch, and the way the leaves and grass lead you into the focus point of the watch. The color is different, but to me it works great for this image. It gives it a almost old fashioned feel to it.

  9. Most people always emphasis on the background and ignore the frontground. They’re the same important in my view. This is why I like this one. The short depth of field and the yellow tone make the picture looks like a mystery, make reader realize the meaning of the clock and time.

  10. I like your saturation, contrast, and depth of field choice in this picture. The saturation isn’t quite realistic but it doesn’t bother my eye. Your contrast is light, which I think is a good choice because of the subject. The white of the clock isn’t too bright. Also, your depth of field really helped to direct my eye to the subject of the piece!

  11. I really enjoy how the pocket watch and the concept of time really connect with the nature around it. The season looks to be the end of summer or early fall when the greens are changing colors or dwindling away into crunchy browns. The pocket watch also has a feel of being lost or left behind and time is just like the watch in that way; it’s easily lost and forgotten about; yet missed once you realize you’ve lost it. As well as this the lighting looks dark as if the day is ending; which again reinforces the concept of time and how fleeting it is just as the hours of daylight pass quickly by us each day.

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