Western Michigan University

Kaileigh Oldham


Kaileigh Oldham
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″

Description: This image was discovered because of my boyfriend who wrapped up a straw wrapper and tied it to look like a ring and then held it out to me saying, here’s your ring. I saw it through my lens and thought it would be a good example of shallow depth of field with my “ring” held out as he lay in the background blurry.

3 thoughts on “Kaileigh Oldham”

  1. I like the depth of field in this picture. I think that having the focus on the straw allows you to see the shallow depth of field. I also think that the focus on the hand and straw bringing your eye further into the picture.

  2. The short depth of field really adds to the picture. I really enjoy your creative use of framing around your eye too. Everything comes in so clear and crisp.

  3. The short depth of makes the picture interesting and unique. I like the little ‘frame’ ring in the picture, the brilliant color and balance with full and blank.

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