photography, St. Norbert College

Lana Tomashek


Lana Tomashek
ART 380 – Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Print – 15 x 7.77

For this project, we were asked to photograph an “Everyday Uncanny”. I took this assignment literal, “what do I do everyday?” Well, the answer is running. Therefore, I set up my shoes, my headphones, and my music in a position where they would actually be used (on the road).

11 thoughts on “Lana Tomashek”

  1. I like the use of DOF here. I can take this picture and see that someone was running in these shoes, listening to the music and running down the street. The brightness of the shoes catches my attention. Nice shot.

  2. I like this because it looks like some kind of ad for your shoes, or maybe even an ad about being healthy. I like that you can see down the road, as if the viewer is about to go on the run with you.

  3. Your use of shallow depth of field to highlight your subject is great. However, I think the photo would be stronger without the leaf on the right side of the photo, it distracts from the subject a little bit because it is more in focus than the rest of the background.

  4. I think this photograph does a very great job of capturing an “Everyday Uncanny” in a very interesting way. The color of your shoes is perfect for this depth of field. It really causes the shoes to “pop” and stand out. The angle that you captured the picture from couldn’t have been any better. I think your iPhone would’ve looked very visually pleasing if you stood it up again the shoes next to the headphones.

  5. I agree that the color of the shoes along with the shallow depth of field really makes the shoes pop out. It’s a great effect. I also love the headphones and how they’re tangled out on the pavement, they also really stand out to me. I think the angle is working really well, it’s right at the level of the objects and that’s a strong aspect of this picture. The shadow casted by the shoes is also very nice.

  6. The DOF in this picture is very nice that the environment has so much to still do with the focused object. On a conceptual side, it is so intriguing to see the iPod be in the shoes to represent a person running.

  7. The lighting in this piece really captures the atmosphere of this sunny day. I agree with the comments above the coloring of the shoes really amplifies the focus and exaggerates depth of field.

  8. What I like about this is how the focus of the piece is easily noticeable and amplified by the shallow depth of field. The bright green of the shoes stands out with detail on the material enhancing its dominance in the picture. The headphones are a little blurred when compared to the shoes, most noticeably one of the ear-buds, which I’m guessing was a minor mistake, but that’s a small issue that doesn’t distract from the piece.

  9. Good placement of the shoes. It’s really predictable though. The color of the shoes really stand out which catches my attention, but I couldn’t really tell what was in the shoes at first until I read the description. Maybe putting something more unpredictable in the shoes… when I first saw it I thought maybe it was a CPR mask, which would make the viewer question why it was there…. just a thought.

  10. To me this photo is about absence. The runner is missing. It’s got echoes choosing to leave and also of abduction. Was someone lifted right out of his/her shoes? I keep wondering if this sense would be more strange if the shoes were slightly apart. Or is the unusualness emphasized because the heels of the shoes are touching in a way that normally doesn’t happen unless the shoes have been removed a placed carefully.

  11. I love the use of color and depth of field used on this photo. It makes the subject really pop and draws attention to their waiting job. I can feel the anticipation of the run that will soon take place.

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