Western Michigan University

Marena De Leau


Marena De Leau
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 9.5″ X 14″

Description: Exploring with shallow depth of field, I wanted to capture a simple, everyday object and showcase it differently. I wanted to emphasize on the egg’s texture as I experimented with light and the shadows it creates. Overall, my goal was to show the contrast between the two; eggs and cartons.

2 thoughts on “Marena De Leau”

  1. I like the repetition and pattern. It’s a very formal picture, full of round edges. In terms of framing, I with you would have lifted the camera just a tiny bit. This was the end of the pattern (eggs) wouldn’t be abruptly interrupted. Anyways, nice photo.

  2. I like your idea to choose an everyday object and a repeated and outwardly simple form like the egg. However, I think I would have framed the shot differently, instead showing more of the empty side of the carton to really evoke the contrast you were interested in.

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