4 thoughts on “Matthew Poleo”

  1. The sky is beautiful, I want to grind it up and make a smoothie. Conceptually, however, the man-made objects bring a lot to — and essentially make — the photo and in this way are not a bad thing. If you’re attempting to make a comment against the presence of man perhaps frame it so that the objects appear more rigid and obstructive than compositionally fluid than they are now.

  2. I really like this photograph and its line usage. I think it would look better if the colors popped more though. There isn’t enough contrast.

  3. The soft layers of washy color and texture in the sky are quiet but at the same time dramatic and depressed. Layers in the sky are fun to study: transparent purples and golds, then the fluffy clouds, then the blues. Interesting use of the power lines symbolically slicing the direction of the clouds. Nature and man are moving in opposition of each other, perhaps? Your point is made in an understated psychological way — very thin black lines that do a lot of visual damage — maybe symbolic of man’s seemingly unintrusive ways that destroy nature’s gloriousness. The gold in the corner looks a little too opaque.

  4. I love the diagonal gradient from blues to oranges. The cluster of lines at the bottom gives great visual weight. I’m unsure if I’d prefer a straightened telephone pole, or if the diagonal works. Otherwise, it’s quite nice.

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