photography, St. Norbert College

Michael Myren


Michael Myren
ART 380: Contemporary Photography
Digital Print; 22″ x 17″

For this narrative project I wanted to portray how small aspects of a space can tell a bigger story. My image captures a old board that has been abandoned in the attic of a barn. The old nails are sticking out of the board and are covered in debris.

10 thoughts on “Michael Myren”

  1. I love how the angle of view of the image makes the scene look like a huge place, like an abandoned factory. The lighting works pretty well, casting highlights in certain areas. The vanishing point not being in the middle works here. No need to go for the cliché all the time.

  2. This is a really interesting concept and I would like to see it expanded as a series. The photo makes me wonder where this barn is and what was stored in said attic.

  3. The light falling on the one nail creates a strong focal point. I think this barn would make a great subject for a series of images, as there are probably many little corners like this to explore.

  4. I like the concept behind this picture. Even if it wasn’t in the description that it’s about small things telling a story I would still be trying to figure out what the story was behind this piece. The subject matter wouldn’t necessarily make a “pretty” picture on it’s own, but I think it’s been made pretty by the way you captured it.

  5. The light here on the nail is very interesting and probably a quick thing that isn’t around very long, great job capturing it. I feel though if you are trying to create a narrative in this image I would have used a higher f-stop to bring some of the other elements into focus and perhaps allow them to speak as well. It seems that there is some very interesting stuff going on in the background as the board trails away but I can’t really tell what it is because it’s out of focus.

  6. I agree that the light on the nail is a strong focal point. It draws my eyes to it immediately and is very interesting. I personally like the amount of depth of field you have in this picture. Even though I don’t get complete detail of the background I can still get an idea of what’s going on. I particularly love the cobwebs in the background reaching from high to low. This and the rubble really gives off the abandoned feeling well.

  7. I love the illusion of space this angle makes the board appear. At first glance I was wondering where this photo was taken. Like comments above I thought it was an abandon building. It is interesting to know that there is a spall depth of field. The only thing I wish is that more was in focus to show more texture.

  8. This image really draws me into it. The concept is mysterious and the location looks abandoned. The photographer does a great job on making the space look larger, like they were attending to do, the lighting and shadow really help with expanding the space and makes it look like it’s almost from eye height.

  9. I don’t really love the concept of this photograph. I like the idea that you want to portray how small aspects of a space can tell a bigger story, however, I think you could’ve done it in a more effective way. I love the photograph and the feeling it gives, but I don’t think it matches the concept very well. The rule of thirds is clearly being shown in this photograph, which looks good. I think since you wanted to do a mysterious kind of photo, it would’ve looked very good in black and white. Lastly, I think the visual impact is average. The lighting in the photo is nice, but I don’t think it leaves a lasting impression or a huge impact on my life.

  10. the way the light plays across this image is great. I’m really drawn to that one illuminated nail on the left side. the dirty detail makes this piece interesting. however, I would have liked to see a more balanced space. that is, maybe more of the board could be included on the right side of the image to match the left side. changing the perspective slightly could make the image more compelling so you could really get a sense of that space.

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