Western Michigan University

Sara Goodnight


Sara Goodnight
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 8 1/2 x 11

Description: I’ve never really had a good enough camera for me to take pictures at night or have the ability to adjust the exposure so now that I do I decided to play around with it. I took a lot of pictures similar to this one but because the camera fell off the post I put it on for this one, there’s an unexpected echoed effect with the window. It’s not really a great photo concept-wise but I like the way it turned out.

6 thoughts on “Sara Goodnight”

  1. I like the use of light in this picture. It looks like this picture used a long exposure to take the photograph. I think that it is interesting that when the camera fell off the post this is when you got this effect, as you stated above. I like the movement created and the glow you are able to visualize.

  2. I really like how this photo turned out. Looks like the exposure time was perfect. The light coming from the door really adds to the photo.

  3. I think the spontaneity of the camera falling off the post you had it on resolved a lot of the issues typical of these light drawing photographs where people think either too hard or not enough and they always turn out wanting. This however is extremely full, has a lot of variety and has, as you said, perhaps not filled a conceptual void but certainly does a great job filling an aesthetic one.

  4. Many great layers of subtle detail. It’s fun to looks past the light lines. My eye seems to travel from left to right and then sweeps back, before I see all that subtle goodness behind the light. Each time I look at the photo I see something new. Even though there are many elements in the background, the repetition of like objects makes it unified/quiet. I enjoy that the “car layer” has a curve to it; whereas other elements seem to repeat in more straight lines.

  5. I really enjoy this image. Visually it draws you in, the blurred option she chose to use within it makes it whimsical and warm. The subjects within the background are conceivable by the viewer in any way they want to view them. The color balance is done very well. I enjoy the warm tones throughout the image.

  6. I especially like the color pallet, the tones flow well together and make it unique. This photo captures this warm and active array of lighting that really catches my attention. However, the amount layers and movement of the camera make me feel dizzy, making to hard to stare at for too long. Which is okay, I like the way it turned out, it’s very interesting.

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