3 thoughts on “April Jonker”

  1. I like this picture which captured the motion of water dropping from the faucet. I’ve tried to take pictures like this but couldn’t get that close. I think it’s a very good photo with great depth of field.

  2. To me this is like a movie still, a zoomed in moment amongst many moments of everyday living. I am not sure what type of faucet this is. Is it a kitchen or a bathroom?

  3. The short depth of field in this image reminds me of when you space out and find yourself focusing on something mundane and everything starts to blur out of focus while you start picturing other things in your head. I guess the feel of it for me (even though I’m sure it wasn’t intentional) is very intense. The water looks like it’s in the process of slowly fading out of focus just like it would be in the person’s mind who is busy in their own head rather than coming into focus like it would normally.

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