4 thoughts on “Courtney Karis”

  1. I really enjoy this picture. The colors really capture the feel of seascapes, but my favorite thing is that you actually have people in it. That’s honestly my favorite part. that and the crashing wave on the left hand side.

  2. I like that this isn’t just a picture of a lighthouse and it includes the dock leading up to it. You get a little bit of everything we associate with the sea from this; the people, the water, the sky, and the man-made structures. The color feels a little too saturated though, especially in the clouds.

  3. Use of a canted angle on a stormy day, especially in a location so near to the sea, really adds that sense of a swelling ocean, so I think the use of the angle in this shot was very effective. It would have been nice, though, to have really captured that sense of storm in the rest of the shot to really make the weather clear to the viewer.

  4. The high saturation of colors in this photograph makes it eye-catching, giving it a surreal look. I love lighthouses, so I like this picture already because of that. I would not call this photo a ‘typical’ lighthouse portrayal, because of the angle of the metal construction as it collapses with the Lighthouse. The whole image is a bit off angle, so I would have made it more obvious if it was on purpose.

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