photography, Western Michigan University

Destinee Wells


Destinee Wells
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 8.5″ X 11″

Description: This picture is taken in South Haven of Lake Michigan. I like how the rock pile points to a short pole that just peaks out of the water but points to the lake itself. The rocks create an arrow for the eye to look outward.

8 thoughts on “Destinee Wells”

  1. The rocks in the photograph bring the viewer to the next focal point. I find this photograph drawing my eye from the rocks that appear to look like steps then to the small dark object in the wave. I cannot tell if the object is a person in the water or if it is an other rock father out which is what I find most interesting about the photograph. You look at the photograph for a moment and decide if this is a person, a wave may soon crash upon them. If it is a rock, the wave will crash and erode it over time. Either way it provides a secondary focal point that is easily visible with the rocks leading the viewer to the point slightly off center.

  2. The color of this photograph are really great…. It makes the photograph stand out amongst other photos of seascape. The rocks draw your eyes to the bottom of the page and then move up through the water, which is a nice element.

  3. The composition works really well; nice use of thirds. I absolutely love the colors as well! The small rock in the center creates a triangle throughout the photo, leading my eye off to the horizon. Great job overall

  4. I absolutely love this image. Not only is it very visually pleasing, but it’s also very interesting. You don’t the color of the water usually that green, but I think it looks awesome and really contrasts the rock. This image uses the rule of thirds very nicely and has a great depth of field. This photograph really draws the viewers eye into the whole picture not just a certain part of it.

  5. I really enjoy the ombre effect that you got from the water. I also tried shooting similar colors and areas of the beach and I think you did a really good job by turning it into a vertical composition.

  6. The composition of this photo is great. The rocks really lead the viewer’s eye right into the photo. The 2/3 water and 1/3 sky distribution also add to the photo’s success. I really enjoy the colors found in the water, and the contrast between these light and calming colors, and the earthy colors and rough texture of the rocks.

  7. The most predominate part of this photo is the composition which echos the jutting of the rocks. This points to the mysterious black form in the water. Is it a person? Is it another rock? The tension in not knowing the answer makes me as a viewer tense with concern and interested too.

  8. Excellent use of shape in the image. As you stated, the rock really does provide a movement to the lake in the image. It really seems to draw you into the lake. I feel as if I could jump through the image and run into the lake.

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