photography, Western Michigan University

Jessica Blodgett


Jessica Blodgett
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8 1/2″ x 11″

Description: I wanted to show something in stop-motion. Longboarding is a very important and at times spiritual experience for my friends and I. I wanted to convey a sense of relaxed weightless freedom I feel when I’m out on the road.

3 thoughts on “Jessica Blodgett”

  1. i do get a sense of that weightless motion you mention from the angles of the figure, the edge of the board, and the cropping of the figure. if you had included their head in the frame, it would seem more trapped, so I enjoy how they defy that barrier. however, the background takes away from this feeling and the main subject. if the depth of field was reduced so the background was blurred out more, the image might relay that freedom and movement more.

  2. I enjoyed the cropping of the subject’s face and the way the composition of the photograph leads the eye down to the feet. It brings the focus back to the sensation of riding the board and how that feels, as opposed to focusing on the rider, which is a nice take on how to shoot such an image.

  3. The amount of noise and grain in your picture is pleasing to my eye for some reason. I cannot tell if you used film or digital but I agree with your cropping and depth of field for this kind of shot! The cropping of the head from the body is at just the right place that doesn’t have me worrying too much about who this skateboarder is. My only critique is that the areas in the foreground seem a little dark!

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