10 thoughts on “Lauren Schildberg”

  1. I like the composition of this photograph. I think that all the blues are soothing with the skyline silhouette. I like how well the clouds details have been captured. The clouds help provide information about the depth in the photograph with ones you can tell are both in front of and behind the skyline. I think that the light coming from one side also draws your eye well from right to left in the photograph.

  2. I really like this picture. I love how you have such a vast span of the city and how the black silhouettes of the city are all in focus. The clouds in this picture are breathtakingly beautiful and I really like the texture of the water.

  3. The composition is very powerful in that there is a strong contrast in the cityscape and the bridge. The contrast in the dark buildings with the still lit up sky and sea gives this peace a very calming and fantasy-like feel. It was a fantastic capture of the sun setting to allow for a great composed dark and light scaling.

  4. I really like the strong contrast in this photo and that big cloud really adds to the photo. I think without that cloud the picture would be too blue. I also like how you can see the lights from the one building.

  5. I absolutely love this photograph. Not only because I’m from a suburb of Detroit, but also for the vivid coloring. I’m a huge fan of sunrises and this captures it perfectly! I love the silhouette of the city, and how it isn’t the main subject, but adds a very visually pleasing element to the eye. I think it uses the rule of thirds very well by adding silhouettes of cities on both sides and a bridge in the center. I also really like the space of the water on the bottom, very nice amount of space.

  6. Very nice composition. There is quite a lot going on in this photo, it keeps my eye from focusing on a single spot. I enjoy the light tones in the sky that progressively get darker in the photo as the sky falls along the horizon and meets with the dark tones in the water and cityscape. Great shot.

  7. I agree that this composition is really working well for this photo. The clouds are absolutely beautiful! The contrast between the photo is very well done. The lighting reminds me of a warm sky, just hitting the top of the buildings, to wake up the sleepy town below.

  8. I really love the composition of this photograph. It is well balanced with the larger city and draws my eye across the bridge and up to the clouds and sky. The contrast between the dark city and the sky is captured really well.

  9. The dimensional quality of the clouds is especially successful. It’s the opposite of how cities are often photographed because the buildings seem two dimensional and the sky seems thick and expansive. The color and composition are also lovely.

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