2 thoughts on “Marena De Leau”

  1. i definitely feel like I’m there and part of the action. the line of the Lacrosse stick and the players’ gaze and arm/leg angles all draw my eye down to that bottom left corner. Cropping off the tops of their head and choosing to include only a portion of their feet does make the image even more dynamic and intense, as does excluding the ball they seem to be going for. My eye does search for that ball, however, and leaves the main image for a second. But overall, I think that works for the picture.

  2. I wonder if leaving out the ball that the players are fighting over adds to or detracts from the picture. Given that the players faces can’t be seen, either, and they’re perfectly still, it’s really hard to understand exactly what the focus of the picture is. At the same time, this adds to the feeling that it was taken in a chaotic instant, and as such the picture had to be taken quickly.

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