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Sara Goodnight


Sara Goodnight
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print

I took this image on the beach at South Haven when I was there taking seascape pictures. It was a really windy day and I noticed there were all these ladybugs huddling up on sticks, leaves, grass, and other debris but always on the opposite side of the wind. This particular piece of wood had the most bugs on it and the they were all huddled together reminded me of a kind of little community so I took a picture and this is what I got.

12 thoughts on “Sara Goodnight”

  1. the overall washed-out light in this piece gives me a sense of that beach space with bright sun and reflection from the sand. the detail you were able to capture with the sticks and bugs is great, not hidden in shadow. I enjoy the slight tilt of the horizon line, but would have liked to see different cropping with the main subject–if you took a step back and include the rest of the wood pile, it might sit better in the frame and add even more of a feeling of expanse that is already in this photo.

  2. Quickly glancing at the photograph you cannot tell what the object in focus is. It could be a shelter, object, ect. I like that the debris was captured as the focal point with the lady bugs. With the debris on the sandy surface it is surprising to see lady bugs hiding inside. Sand makes me think about the beach and the beach usually does not foster a home for insects. I also like that the horizon line is crisp yet soft because the blue and the beige make it clear but smooth transition into one an other.

  3. I really enjoy the lighting in this photo. The bright highlights really give a sense of a sunny beach day. I think it is really interesting that you found all of these lady bugs hiding together and forming that small community. It is also effective that you photographed these lady bugs from their level, it makes the sand and the sky seem very vast and gives them a sense of isolation. There is a lot of good detail captured in this image.

  4. For me, it almost seems as though the driftwood is an island and the sand is the sea. The angle of this shot allows the sand to meet the horizon line like a body of water would. As far as craft, I would suggest tilting the image so that it lines up evenly with the horizon and burning the center on the sky to bring out the clouds.

  5. I was instantly drawn to the lightening in this photograph. The wash-out/ bright light gives this photo a sense of warmth. I find it interesting that you described that the bugs were all huddled together because of the wind but there is no motion of wind in the photo. This leads your mind to create narratives of why these little bugs are climbing this drift wood.

  6. This image gives me a feeling of survival. Like the lady bugs are holding on to life in a desolate desert. The tilt of the horizon works however it would have been more visually pleasing if you had moved back a bit and included the entire piece of drift wood. It may have also been interesting to have a greater depth of field and have the ladybugs the only thing in focus.

  7. I think this image is really beautiful. The colors are soft and peaceful and the lady bugs are this subtle rusty red. I’m glad you chose to shoot from the level of the lady bugs because a shot downward onto the bugs would have given you such a dramatically different shot. I also think the horizon line is well-placed. Well done.

  8. I like the lighting of this image. I think it looks so good somehow because it is so bright. It might be a scene that was ordinary but with the look that the sky and the earth were sort of blending with each other the image gives strong impact.

  9. At first glance I thought, how unusual, red-orange rocks. After reading the description I realized these where the lady bugs. I wish I could see this image in a large formate. The strange nature of the bugs huddling together in this barren landscape raises so many questions. Are they lost? How did they get there? Congrats!

  10. After reading your description of this piece I have a new understanding of what is going on. I love the color choices and arrangement. Your contrast is not too dark nor too light. Your composition choice and tilt of the beach horizon works perfectly. This picture almost has a desert feel and it works. If I had taken this picture I definitely would blow it up and hang it on my wall!

  11. It’s amazing what everyone has seen in this image in the previous comments. At first glance, I saw a landscape of a large area, maybe an area of cliffs/caves taken from a different vantage point. However, upon reading your description – I realized i was completely mistaken. I love how this photo makes you look at things differently.

  12. The perspective of this photo really makes the subjects look larger than they actually are. Only after reading the description did I know that the wood was just small twigs. They looked as if they could be large pieces of driftwood or possibly even large stones. I had to look very close to see what the ladybugs actually were as well. I really enjoy how this perspective makes the subjects look larger than life. Like the clouds for example, because it’s only showing a small patch of sky but gives the illusion that it’s a vast cloud in a big stretch of sky.

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