3 thoughts on “Sarah Spohn”

  1. I really enjoy the minimal use of motion blur, and how the cutting off of the subject feels very purposeful and thought out. The contrast of motion and still, blur and detail, really adds to the picture. The centering of the subject in the frame but not on the couch breaks up the symmetry just that perfect amount.

  2. I think you’ve chosen a really interesting way to play with motion. You chose such a small but descriptive part of the body to move around. Because everything is so centered, I think I would have put the figure slightly over to edit out the arm of the couch and to center her with the window.

  3. The small capture motion of the feet in this photo move the photo from portraiture to narrative. I like the yellow-orange lighting from the window on the edges of the surfaces and the blue cast to the motion of the feet. I am left wondering what is the young woman wearing on her feet? Slippers? Tennis shoes? Socks? Congrats!

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