4 thoughts on “Victor Tran”

  1. nice timing to capture the ball where you did. it really gives the photo that sense of levitation. the overall filter on the image gives it a peaceful, magical feel. I like the placement of the subject’s face, coming out of the top right corner of the frame. however, some of that tightness doesn’t work as much for me once your eye moves down to the fingers. I wonder how the piece would change if the ball was framed centrally. really cool concept overall.

  2. The essence of this image is awesome. I really enjoy the concept by having something appear as it is levitating off of the subjects hands. The finish and contrast within the image is very well done. The rule of thirds is also used very well.

  3. The freeze motion effect on this photograph was performed neatly. I like the off-placement of the person so we can only see part of his face. Gives it a kind of supernatural look to the already ‘floating ball’ theme of the photo. The vintage effect looks good, it does not distract from the subject. A little bit overexposed in some areas. Other than that, good picture.

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