photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Adrienne Wells

real_simple_real_gross copy copy

Adrienne Wells
ART 376: Black and White Photography
Silver Print; 6″ x 9″

For this piece, I wanted to take a formal photograph of something clean, structured and “real simple”, which it is at first glance. I hoped to keep the viewer looking around the image–multiple glances–to find details that are a bit off-putting…not quite what you’d expect or want to find at your table.

11 thoughts on “Adrienne Wells”

  1. I like the set up of this piece. You got exactly what you were going for in the sense of making something usually clean and generally pleasant into something more off-putting. I think it would be interesting to see what it would look like if there was maybe a little bit of tea in the bottom of the mug like you just finished drinking it and then found the bug.

  2. I really like the placement of the objects in the composition. It feels very well balanced. I also think that the concept is really intriguing and I like that the thing that’s “out of place” is a small detail but grabs your attention immediately.

  3. I like the composition and concept of this piece that both make it very visually appealing. I wonder if your choice to to have such a light palette of tones was intentional-I feel like if those shadows weren’t so light, for example, it would add a lot to the piece.

  4. This picture is very well balanced and the addition of that bug really makes it dynamic in the sense that it is just slightly out of place. I would like to see how this would if there was a bit of tea or sugar sitting in their respective bowls or maybe a slight change in angle.

  5. I really enjoy the concept of this piece and would enjoy seeing more of the series. I think it is really interesting to take something that people find comforting, such as sitting down at the table for dinner, and contrasting that with something off-putting or even disturbing. I think this image could have been more effective had there been more dramatic lighting and more shadows to heighten the overall contrast of the scene.

  6. My eye of course goes to the moment of highest contrast, so when I first looked at your photo I first saw the fly, perhaps if you chose objects with adornment that offered similar contrasts, it would better create balance and emphasize the surprising uncanny nature you’re trying to achieve.

  7. As a viewer, my entire attention was focused on the insect but not the other details that are “off-putting”. I can noticed the insect and the chipped edge on the tea cup cover, but other objects looks completely normal to me.

  8. I love the texture of the wood in this picture. I wish the ceramic things on the table were more visible though. They’re pretty washed out. The bug in the cup creates a nice focal point. The angle from right above works well because a table setting is being depicted. It reminds me of so many outdoor meals disrupted by bugs!

  9. I like that the ceramic things are a bit overexposed. Set against the woodgrain the photo has almost a painterly quality to it. The washed out nature of the tableware seems deliberate.

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