photography, St. Norbert College

Lawrence March

Homosexuality and Religion - Web Ready

Lawrence March
Art 280: Intro. to Photography
Digital Still; 7.5″ x 11″

This piece is based around the idea of Homosexuality and its relationship with religion. The couple photographed is an actual lesbian couple, both of whom study this topic quite extensively. This is also the first time that this couple has been photographed together outside of “selfies and snapchat”. This photograph has encouraged a new series to be submitted to the new Women’s and Gender Studies department’s contest on campus, illustrating the lyrics of “Same Love” by Macklemore.

6 thoughts on “Lawrence March”

  1. the use of black and white as opposed to color was definitely a good choice for this piece. it adds a bit of depth when you take into consideration the subject matter. excellent use of lighting. it helps represent the dark history religion has with homosexuals. i like this piece

  2. I’m really fascinated by the lighting of this picture and trying to understand it better. It really casts a halo over the central subject and really adds to this idea of religion that is explored in the piece. It’s hard to tell whether or not it’s intentional but it works very well. Also, given that it’s coming from the back, it’s nice to see that while the subjects are a bit dark, they are not silhouettes.

  3. I absolutely love the concept and it’s a strong point that is extremely relevant right now. I think the fact that you used black and white instead of color really brings the idea to the forefront.

  4. You have them wearing good clothing for this black and white shot that introduces a good amount of variety. I agree with Kevin that the halo evokes an altar, which is effective. However I would encourage you to err away from novelties of the concepts you’re attempting to talk about. e.g. bible = religion, “actual lesbian couple” = homosexuality. Try to communicate those concepts more poetically.

  5. SinceI’m a huge supporter of homosexual rights, this shows that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. I do like the use of lighting to highlight the woman and the Bible to show that homosexuality and religion can coexist together and is in no way sinful.

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