8 thoughts on “Dani Hanlin”

  1. What a fantastic use of exposure to show motion. The narrative is very easy to read and shows a powerful statement in what it seems to be a ghost of some sort. The emotion as well is shown very nicely in that you can see the care the man has for this ghost-like thing.

  2. The blurry motion, ghostly effect on this photograph brings it a lot of story. Are they two lovers after death? Is this a forgotten memory of a lost love? I love the orange hue against the dark night, and the models did a good job portraying a connection between each other. I don’t mind the lack of light on their faces, because you don’t need to recognize them to feel what they are feeling.

  3. I really like the use of motion in this and I agree that there is an identifiable narrative and emotion. The tension between the two figures is great. I love the trail of light behind her ponytail.

  4. I really enjoy the movement in this photograph. The narrative can be interpreted in different ways for this photograph but I like the tension between the man and the woman. I think that the picture would be vastly different if it were taken in the daytime and I enjoy that the picture is taken at night. The long exposure leaves the figures both out of focus but with enough detail in the hair, face, ect that it leaves you wanting to know more.

  5. The movement in this photograph works well because you can still tell who the figures are and the way they’re interacting with each other. For some reason, the yellow tint (probably from the light source) is really throwing me off. I would suggest getting a better white balance or making this a series of black and white images.

  6. The use of a longer exposure really plays to your benefit in this photo. You can really see the connection between these two subjects. I also enjoy that the narrative aspect of this photo is not overly spelled out for the viewer, that is to say it can be interpreted in many ways. The blurred motion from the long exposure gives a sort of eery urgency to me. I also really admire the orange hue of the people in contrast to the dark night and as other people have said this photo would be vastly different, and I think vastly less successful, had it been taken during the day.

  7. This is a really beautiful image! I love the long exposure effect and how really neither of the people look to be completely whole. I love the facial expression of both the people, but especially how you can’t see the full expression of the woman. The exposure time is excellent and I enjoy the idea of your series. For more experimentation, you could try getting a little bit more of the males head/body in the photograph.

  8. The long exposure seems to add significance and intensity to the moment captured in this photo. There’s something relatable about the emotional content here, which makes it easy to construct a story as a viewer. I think the closeness of the shot is effective, as well.

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