Otterbein University, photography

Jordan Schrader



Jordan Schrader
ART 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital print; 11″ x 14″
There will be 12 images total in this series.

This project is an experiment with light. I am working to understand how lights react to a long exposure during night. The main concept for this series is still in development. Currently I am just deciding on the process I want to use for the final product.

9 thoughts on “Jordan Schrader”

  1. I really like that you chose to explore lights on long exposure without moving your camera so that they don’t blur. I think a lot of people like to do that to make cool lines of floating lights but it’s pretty overdone. I haven’t seen someone just sit there and let the lights speak for themselves and the effect you found by doing so is really interesting. Especially since when you see lights like that it’s usually through a foggy window and you can’t really see the rest of the scene.

  2. I like that your honest about trying to figure stuff out. I think the way the light bursts frame the figure in the first image is really interesting and could be used to your advantage in later shots. These light bursts are all really crisp and nice.

  3. I like the experimentation with light in this photographs. The burst of light can really be taken advantage of as stopping points in the photograph. I like how the lights make a bright shape not knowing exactly at what point they come from. I think that the dark setting and busy background add to how powerful a light source can be even with a busy background.

  4. Experimenting with lightings is a very fun thing to do, especially at night and especially in the city. I think you did a great job at either holding the camera still or using a tripod because that can make all the difference. The lights that almost turning into huge glowing stars is very visually pleasing to the eye. I also really like the moving car in the bottom, but try setting your camera on a longer shutter speed. I don’t think the rule of third necessarily works 100% of the time, but for the top picture, I think it would’ve looked a lot better if the girl was slightly to the right or left instead of in the dead center of the photograph.

  5. I also really like that you decided to explore these lights without blurring them. They look very interesting the way they’re bursting out, and I think that is a really nice effect in your pictures. I agree that I like how they frame the person in the first image. I also really like the second image. We see a street and building, a town, and there are all these lights bursting, but they’re clear and crisp contrasting with the blurred light of what was probably a car passing through the shot. Very cool contrast, maybe you could explore that idea a lot more. I also really like the angle that we get of the town, it looks really nice.

  6. These pictures are cool. I really like the use of lighting in these pictures. I am impressed with the girl being still while at the same time the lights are exposed. The pictures look orange and I think they might look better if you would have changed with white balance in the pictures. Nice job otherwise.

  7. These photos show you have a great eye and patience in your art. It would be a little more interesting if something was happening in the locations that drew the viewer in even deeper.

  8. I like the idea of the bursting light in each photo! I think I like the second one the most because the first one seems like a lot to be focusing on, whereas in the second it’s just the street so my eye can easily be drawn to the light. Maybe getting a shot straight down the street could be an interesting perspective to add.

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