Otterbein University, photography

Kristen Davis



Kristen Davis
ART 4500 Advanced Photography
Digital prints; 11″ x 14″ (or smaller depending on final series count)
12- 50 images

These images are from my in progress diaristic series. I am documenting the things going on around me, and in turn I am documenting my life. While I may not be directly involved in the happenings, I act as a voyer and capture the moment. The goal is not necessarily to make a comment, but simply to document what I see around me.

7 thoughts on “Kristen Davis”

  1. I really love this concept. I enjoy that all of the photos aren’t meaningless “selfies” or obvious portraits involving what you do, but rather what you see around you as a bystander. Your use of framing works really well, particularly in the second photo, it really adds to the idea of you not being involved but just witnessing a secret moment. I also like the cropping of the first image to remove peoples faces. This is a great series so far and I would love to see more of it.

  2. These shots are really interesting, as well as your concept. I like that you’ve taken yourself out of the shots, but these shots are still documents of your life. The top is my favorite. Although it’s presumably candid, it manages to look composed. I don’t know if the water heater adds to the photo, and if you’re cropping I would consider taking it out. Great lines, interesting lighting.

  3. I agree that I like that you aren’t in the photos. The fact that you are a bystander is really effective to convey your concept. I like the way you capture these moments and we can still understand that they are documenting your life even though you aren’t in them. I especially like the first image, as it’s something people our age experience, with either ourselves or are friends. I particularly like the inclusion of the red solo cup on the ground. I think that’s very effective and a nice touch. I also like that we don’t see anyone’s faces in that photo. I also agree that the framing is working well in the second photo. I like that you see the couple through a door frame, it really takes us out of the moment and we are only observing rather than partaking.

  4. I like the candid outside-looking-in quality these photos have. The viewer is a part of the scene, yet separate from it as well. The composition and framing of the second photo is particularly good. The lighting of both photos lends itself well to what is being captured.

  5. Really interesting concept, love the idea of just documenting what’s around you without actually being a part of the photo. I like contrast between the girl’s smiley face pants and the girl with her head in the toilet, the pants are so happy but the rest of the scene is so not, it works well.

  6. I really like your concept and I like the way the pictures looks. The colors are very true to life but everything also has a really dark feel to it so far. This is a really good idea.

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