Otterbein University, photography

Michaela Kronenberger



Michaela Kronenberger
Art 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital prints; 13″ x 19″
This is a series of maybe 15, no less than 12

My series is portraying a non fiction love story. I created a narrative series about a woman who is been secretly planning to meet her true love and eventually ventures out into the woods to meet him. Frightened and anxious in the wilderness; she is approached by a stranger and out of impulse stabs this mysterious figure. Sadly, she unveils her hooded figure, and to find out that it is her true love that she has killed. In the end leaving him dead in the woods, and her with a broken heart.

4 thoughts on “Michaela Kronenberger”

  1. I enjoy the first photo as it does a good job of creating an unreal timelessness feel. The dark color pallet and vibrance in colors create that feel. I wish that the second picture was more like the first in that sense, as they almost don’t look like they don’t belong in a set together.

  2. there is a nice bit of surrealism in the top picture that I feel captures the feeling of loss described in your statement. I’m mostly captivated by the color; with the brightness of the womans skin and hair standing out in the dark background, which looks almost fantastical. However, i am worried that it might look too mystical for a non-fiction story. that being said, it still looks great.

  3. I think that the first image is very strong and is well framed. Although, I don’t see where it fits into the story line other than it being a simple portrait of the girl. Perhaps have her emotion geared toward her love for this man she just killed. The second image doesn’t seem to have the same effect/ editing as the first. It could be much more powerful if it did. The two images look as though they are from two different bodies of work.

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