Otterbein University, photography

Stacey Endicott



Stacey Endicott
ART 4500 Adv. Photo
Digital Prints; 11″ X 14″

This is the starting idea for my series. I am doing various prints of people’s bodies that most people want to “change”. I am really interested in body image and specifically how women view their bodies. I am thinking of drawing on the actual print with an oil pencil and mark the areas that need to be “fixed”.

8 thoughts on “Stacey Endicott”

  1. I really like this idea for the photographs and I think it’s working very well. The black and white is especially effective in my opinion. I like the detail we get in the second picture of the body and the contours of it, especially the spine, shoulder blades and back dimples. The shadows created by the natural contours of the body are very nicely done. I like that in the first picture the person is covering their chest with their arms crossed and in the second the person is turned away. I think that is showing your idea very effectively in combination with everything else.

  2. I absolutely love both of these pieces. This catches my eye because I’m really interested in human anatomy, and these photographs display these bodies so well. The very high contrast in lighting really shows off specific parts of the bodies. The positions the bodies are in also show how the body can move in a very beautiful way.

  3. I could tell right away what the overall concept was behind these photographs. The person’s body language gives a sense of insecurity and unhappiness. The dramatic lighting also works well with such an intense emotion. I definitely think you should draw on the actual print with an oil pencil; marking the areas that need to be “fixed”.

  4. I really like the concept of your series. It’s something that’s been going on with women for awhile now, especially because of the media glorifying the look of being young and stick thin. I like the idea of drawing onto the actual picture and I think it’ll enhance what you’re aiming for. Next time taking pictures like these though watch out for the bra lines on the side of the body. They’re just the tiniest bit distracting.

  5. I like the use of bodies in this picture. The lack of face portrays well what the artist statement is about. I think that without a face bodies can be easily criticized. I think that adding the marks could be very interesting, and would add more to the idea behind the photograph.

  6. I really enjoy the fact that the photos are in black and white and the lighting is awesome. My favorite part though is that you can see the impressions from their clothing. I think that works really well with your concept.

  7. I really enjoy the concept of these two photographs. Black and white was a great choice over color because of the intensity it adds. The shadows and dramatic lighting of these photographs really work well with the photo! Also, I think it was an excellent idea to have both the bodies facing slightly/completely away from you.

  8. Among the series of body image, I really love these two. Just Body without face makes the theme more obvious. Great highlight and shadow makes them can be understood without any words.

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