14 thoughts on “Stephanie Parker”

  1. I was immediately drawn to these images, the black and white finish an attention to detail within each subjects face is very well done. The depth of field, an focus of the image is also very nice. I really enjoy the story behind the images after being pulled in.

  2. I absolutely love this concept! That’s something that has always fascinated me as well and I really like how you chose to use black and white instead of colors; it really makes you focus on the person’s features.

  3. I wouldn’t look at these images and think that they were about genetics. They just seem like simple portraits. Perhaps you could do something a little more visually interesting like overlaying the images or shooting close-up feature shots of each generation/ person to really emphasis the differences. It’s a great idea, but try finding a new way that it hasn’t been done before.

  4. These are very nice portraits! They are well-lit and the depth of field puts the focus on the subject. I think your concept is very interesting and I can definitely tell these people are related from examining their facial features.

  5. I really like the contrast between these two people even though they are brought together by their genes and by making it black and white.

  6. These are very well lit and beautifully contrasted photos. The study you’re doing sounds very interesting. The black and white adds a wonderful dramatic effect. I’m glad you have the two people not smiling. Another way you could explore this study is by taking photographs of mom and daughter, siblings, etc and layer them 🙂

  7. I Find this to be a interesting concept and would like to see the finished product. I think the center weighted placement of the subjects works because you are focusing on their faces. It could be interesting to take it farther and maybe split the images in half and combine them to make one image.

  8. I like the grouping of the portraits. I think that the idea of generations is an interesting idea to explore through photography. I think that how both of the images the subject is most in focus draws attention to their facial features. The facial features tell much of the story. I also think that the generation difference brings stark contrast between the two images, yet the family ties bring them both back together.

  9. I really love this concept. I like how you made it black and white instead of color, I think it gives the pictures more depth and contrast. I would love to see more of these and maybe even having the faces layered on top of each other.

  10. I couldn’t tell what the intent of the project was at first but showing the differences of genetics is a very interesting concept and I would enjoy seeing how it turns out. I like the grey scale tone of the pictures as I think that it helps puts greater focus on the characters and their facial expressions.

  11. I believe black and white was a great choice for these photos. It really demonstrates tradition and time. I would love to see the rest of this series. I am curious if it is going to be based on one family line or of studies of multiple families.

  12. I think the backgrounds in these are top notch as well, its a great continuation of what these two characters have in common, both facially and perhaps mentally as well that they would be set in the same place.

  13. I really appreciate the idea of these photos. And it really reached their aim. How amazing the gene is.Also the picture is good, they focus well, in good contract etc.

  14. To me it is really important to know that this is an investigation of genetic facial traits. I like the idea of exploring visual lineage in one’s own family. As soon as I read about the project I had to contrast and compare the two portraits. Just like I do when I see members of my own family: my brother and his sons, my cousins and aunts and uncles, and myself as I age and see my parents faces in my own face as I gaze in a mirror.

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