photography, Western Michigan University

Kaileigh Oldham


Kaileigh Oldham
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″

This image is part of a series about depression and self-harm and how it affects people my age today. Self-destructive behavior and suicidal tendencies are very common and I want to show how painful and hard depression is to overcome. I wanted my pictures to be uncomfortable to look at, and I wanted the viewer to feel the pain and begin to understand depression and its effects on people’s lives better. Depression is a big issue in our society today. People make it off to be unimportant and don’t understand it and that pills aren’t the way to deal with this issue. There are better ways to deal with depression than using SSRIs, which aren’t even very effective and can cause even more problems in someone that takes them.

2 thoughts on “Kaileigh Oldham”

  1. This is obviously a difficult topic to tackle, and broad. First I would try to focus what part of depression or self harm you are interested in and focus up. Further more, I would err away from being so direct and staged-looking for these photos, although your composition is top-notch it doesn’t serve the theory very well and the excess of razors, and pills looks inorganic. Instead of focusing on the novelties of depression (blood, razors, pills) I think it would be much stronger to try and communicate the psychological pain, the means to the end.

  2. Your explanation is messy and ignorant, you really shouldn’t do art projects on things that don’t personally affect you… especially when it is a topic as serious as this. You don’t really have the right to say that pills don’t work because that is not the case for everyone, I don’t even understand why you would put that in the image description. Your subject matter in the photo doesn’t convey the mental anguish that people with depression face so it would be hard for others to understand better and your attempt to capture the self-destructive nature is tacky and not believable. I would try talking to more people about their conditions and behavior before you attempt another topic as personal as this.

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