photography, Western Michigan University

Marena De Leau


Marena De Leau
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8 1/2″ X 11″

Studying and improving my skills of various textures and shadows is my goal of the student choice assignment. The developed concept I have in mind is revolved around the human body and how it may seem similar to different objects. For this photograph, I am showing the similarity in texture between hair, landscape and the quills on a hedgehog. The main focus is on the surface of the two objects and how it makes the viewer feel.

4 thoughts on “Marena De Leau”

  1. Your idea of showing the same textures in different objects such as the hair, the quills, and the landscape worked really well and is very effective. I used to have a hedgehog myself and it looked almost exactly like this one, which is mainly what caught my eye when scrolling past pictures. The textures of spikes look really similar and it’s not something I would’ve thought of connecting before seeing your picture. I also like your framing of the picture and how you cut off half of the man making it seem like he’s being squished into the photo. Also, the diagonality of the piece is really cool because the hair is in focus in the top left corner, then the quills on the hedgehog are in focus in the middle, and then the landscape/plants in the background are the most in focus on the bottom right corner, so it’s like leading your eye in a diagonal pattern.

  2. I really like your idea of capturing the textures of your subjects. Placing things at different depths rather than putting all the subjects on the same level really helps to break the piece up and draw attention to the individual components. The medium DOF is also a nice touch here so as to show the texture of the ground but not let it distract away from or overpower the other textures.

  3. Interesting idea, and by that I mean by using textures of hair, the landscapes, and hedgehog quills. I especially like that lighting on the textures because of how nice and contrasting they’re all are.

  4. your project or concept is uber inspiring. Distilling the world to textures, and then this whole notion of feeling with my eyes. I do it all the time and never even notice. It makes me think of my eyes this sense organ that is actually completely void of feeling it only renders light it is only after processing that I determine texture or meaning or whatever information I seek, but then I guess all our senses are like that. Anyway the simplification of the composition is effective in drawing attention to the textures and thus your concept. By filling the frame with the human subject they become a landscape element like a cliff or something, and we no longer think of them as different from rocks, and trees and animals they are just some other textures.

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