8 thoughts on “Abigail Bartes”

  1. I really enjoy the concept of this image. The shadow and the simplicity of the colors of the buttons also for the the law of thirds that it uses from top to bottom and right to left.

  2. This is a fun image. It’s unexpected and creative. The colors you chose for the buttons work well together and this photo works with the subject being in the center. I like that you didn’t clutter the space with anything extra in the background but you did add depth to it with the plate.

  3. I really like this image. I think the saturated colors of the buttons against the white plate is really great. Because of the simplicity of it, I think I would have liked the spoon to run horizontally rather than at an angle. I also am unsure of the shadow from the spoon, but I do like the shadow around the inside of plate.

  4. The choice of using something unconventional in this setting is effective. It’s a quirky surprise to see a spoonful of buttons when we expect cereal. The lighting makes the still life kind of eerie, with that dramatic shadow..the buttons seem to have faces to me..and they’re about to be eaten. I would also like to see the spoon at a strong horizontal as I think it would suit the minimalism of the image more. The colors and the surfaces of the objects look great.

  5. A very fun concept, and effectively executed. Just like fruit, the buttons you chose to photograph are filled with color and texture (added by the stings you kept in the buttons). The lighting is indeed dramatic, which makes this such an appealing photo. I would have liked to see this photo cropped even further, especially on the right side. The roundness of the plate get abruptly interrupted i the corners.

  6. Wonderful shapes and color. Very vintage modern look you have created. The subtle shadows are really nice too. Love the inner ring around the edge of the plate that creates some nice depth and I love how it circles around to the spoon handle. Great choice in buttons style and colors to create interest and depth without being busy and I enjoy the subtle spoon handle details. Are the threads on the buttons deliberately making smiley faces??? I want this one for my house! Love!

  7. The colorful buttons with the thread running through them reminds me of M & M’s which makes me think of faces, people. I think I would have cropped the photo for a more dramatic close-up but then a decision would have to have been made regarding the curvature of the plate and the design of the spoon. Maybe I would have cropped the photo with the bowl of the spoon in the bottom left corner in order to capture the idea of the plate rather than the image of the plate.

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