Otterbein University, photography

Claire Stinedurf



Claire Stinedurf
ART 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 11″ x 14″

I originally explored the idea of photographing strange food combinations as product advertisement photographs. However, after taking the subject away I became interested in purely the background and the idea of color and texture relationships.

14 thoughts on “Claire Stinedurf”

  1. I really love the concept behind the first image. It’s comical in a sense because there is healthy food inside a cupcake. and the placement and lighting on the subject of the first image is amazing.

  2. I love your concept, both before and after. I still think you could go really far with the original idea, and I also think it would be cool to do diptychs where one side has the food picture and the other side is just the background.

  3. the top photograph has nice composition to it, and i love the use of color in it. but for some reason, i’m more drawn to the photo at the bottom with just the color scheme of grey and yellow. I don’t know why, but that combination of colors looks so appealing to me.

  4. The first image caught my eye because it was strange combination of foods and I was curious to what it was. It has nice composition and lighting. The background is aesthetic and there is a good arrangement of the objects. I think it is interesting where you took the concept but I would like to see more strange foods.

  5. I really love the first image. The strange combination of foods really catches the viewers eye, and so does the background colors. I think that the second image isn’t as visually interesting, but I like the color combination and how the grey side looks texturized compared to the solid yellow.

  6. I like the idea of the first picture a lot. At first, I thought the asparagus was a birthday candle, but when I looked rather than glanced I noticed what it actually was. It’s really cool that you used healthy food with unhealthy food, and used the asparagus like a candle in the cupcake. I like the lighting as well. I also like the transformation of your idea to just the background. The color combinations are very cool, and I think both ideas are really interesting.

  7. The combination of two unexpected foods in the first image is almost unsettling. I find myself coming back to it because of it’s strange and comedic quality. It is also a very nicely composed photo. I like the simplicity of your second photo, but I think you should revisit the strange food idea if you have not already.

  8. I really enjoy seeing the conceptual progress this series has lead you to make. I do think the idea of strange food combinations is interesting and you have done an excellent job lighting and composing the top photograph. However, the second photo is much more appealing to me. Your excellent focus has allowed the viewer to really see the detail of the texture and the vibrancy of the colors. I enjoy that you can see the little details and differences between the colors.

  9. The first one is really impressive.Asparagus and cupcake, dark blue and pink. Both combination seems strange but they really looks harmony. It just photo and art. Try every your idea bravely.:)

  10. As I scrolled down the screen and saw the top of the asparagus, I was curious. The I saw what looked like icing and then the cupcake and cupcake paper. I was delighted with my own surprise. I wanted to see what was as the bottom of the composition. I was wonder if another unusual food could be added to the mix instead of just two more stalks of asparagus. Just to continue the shock of the image. GREAT JOB!

  11. After reading your description I am more understanding of how the two pictures fit together. I love your subject matter and the color schemes. The combination of textures and color make this photograph stand out. However, I would like to see a different shadow color from the asparagus and cupcakes.

  12. I like the bottom image dealing with texture/color relationships. I think that there is a purity captured that forces the viewer to look for the subtle nuances that would otherwise be overlooked. I love that color combination. I would love to see a series of tons of these all in a row and explore what color/texture combinations people are more drawn to.

  13. These photos remind me of the composition and palette of the painter Wayne Thiebaud. Working with these pastels and almost flourescent colors helps to further remove what you’re trying to do from the traditions of product photography. I appreciate your intentional removal of the subject, too, as the texture and color relationships do command a lot of the power in these images and deserve to the attention. Well done. A great combination of whimsy and consideration.

  14. The idea really pops out in the first photo because the two subjects are so opposite from each other. It makes the viewer think about the two in their head and kind of gag at the idea of asparagus and sweet cupcakes together. For the first photo, if you were interested in making more of that type of photo, I would definitely turn up the shadows and brighten the photo up so that you can see all the details, especially for an advertisement photo. I would also emphasize the colors in it to make everything pop out at you. But, I do like the idea of how you are more interested in the idea of the background more than the strange food combination. It just shows you have a very different perspective than others.

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