photography, Western Michigan University

Javier A. Villaman



Javier A. Villaman
ART 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″

Monsters: Ordinary People Series

Monsters have always been present in every society. Each one has their own demons, which have terrorized people through history, haunting childhoods and even adulthoods. I’ll take 5 different ‘iconic’ monsters, portrayed countless of times in cinema, as ‘harmless’ creatures on their everyday life, trying to survive like each and one of us.

5 thoughts on “Javier A. Villaman”

  1. I really like these photos. The situations you put the monsters in really add a nice sense of humor to the dramatic lighting that you used. I’m excited to see what other monsters you use in your series.

  2. The image I would like to comment on is the bottom image. The lighting on the subject within the image is done very well. The way in which the subject is juxtaposed gives it a feeling of eeriness as well as humor.

  3. These are funny and poignant at once. I think the lighting is effective and details like the hand on the table in the top photo add a lot. There’s a sense of disappointment that the wolf’s pizza is gone and though the arm on the right is bleeding and there’s blood coming out of the vampire’s mouth, she looks innocent– like she’s having an undramatic conversation on a date. Though your metaphoric monsters aren’t specific famous monsters, I think this is a fun way of showing self-doubt and inner struggle that everyone has to some degree.

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