12 thoughts on “Jessica Blodgett”

  1. This one is very artistic and really speaks to you. It’s great how you can see all of the groves of their skin as well as the light pattern in the back.

  2. the photo works well to show texture as well as contrast densities. I really get a feel for the viscosity of the paint as it slips through the solid grip of the hand. The highlights in the paint aid in emphasizing its liquid form, so perhaps more of the skin could be seen to show more of its form as well. It might be effective to crop closer to a certain part of the hand to abstract it and make the image more about texture, or to pull back just a bit to include the bottom of the palm so it’s not as tight on the right side.

  3. This photograph is very interesting to see and analyze. I think it goes beyond the interaction with human skin. It has weight, a story. The light is magnificent.

  4. This photo is very interesting, the use of texture is portrayed well. The composition of the photo is nice and I enjoy the shapes.

  5. This image immediately drew me in. It is very intriguing with its contrast and its textures. The depth of field is spot on. Very well done.

  6. This image is really visceral. I love the way the white sinks into the creases of the skin. The composition is tight yet dynamic. It’s dramatic. I like it.

  7. I really like how the texture of the skin is so defined. I also really enjoy the swirls of the paint mixing in with the milk.

  8. There is definitely an eerie quality to this photo. It reads almost like a soft clay, and the closeness and bending of reflections in the liquid bring something else entirely to the image. Great job!

  9. This is a very powerful image. It makes me think of struggle. A hand grasping liquid. Trying to grasp what we can not really hold onto. The viscousness of the liquid is intriquing. Then the combination of dark and light add to a metaphor of human struggle when seen through the lens of the US American landscape. Great image! Congrats!

  10. This picture really caught my eye when scrolling down the list because at first I had no idea what the picture even was until I read through the description underneath the photograph. I think you did a really great job with showing how different textures interact with human skin. The texture of the paint like liquid on the hand is really interesting because you can see the line indents on the fingers and the hand, and gives you a different perspective on human skin when seen in this context. What’s somewhat distracting about this piece is the bright glare in the middle of the hand/picture in the paint that kind of distracts the viewers eyes away from looking at the texture of the hand with the paint on it, and has them focus on the glare for more than they should.

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