5 thoughts on “Matthew Poleo”

  1. I like the lighting in this photo, it makes it seem like you’re having fun gambling but the lighting kind of hides the gun in the shadows like a reminder of the dangers of gambling. It reminds me of the boogeyman scene in the “Nightmare Before Christmas”.

  2. I really like the surreal lighting on this image. Gives it a futuristic look of a gambling and violent world. Composition is good. Having the background all dark draws attention to the subject

  3. Great choice of lighting! The color of lighting give the viewer a “after dark” feeling. Or a feeling of being invincible. How would the piece change if some of the subject matters were moved around creating a more significant negative space? Perhaps increase or decrease the statement of this?

  4. The lighting in this photo gives off a very mysterious and playful feel to it, and it almost makes the picture seem dangerous in a way. You controlled the lighting really well, and the still life objects that you chose were all apart of the same theme in a way so it makes the composition seem really balanced and controlled. The repetition of the spades in the cards, and the dice with the fives and sixes showing is also really affective. I also really like how the light fades from light to dark on the gun, giving it a dangerous kind of look as well.

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