photography, Western Michigan University

Sara Goodnight


Sara Goodnight
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Medium: Digital Print

I took this over a staircase quickly on my way to class one day and forgot about it until I was looking through my pictures later that day. I liked all the angles in the picture, I liked the lighting, and it was actually in focus and not blurry at all so I ended up using it as a final print.

5 thoughts on “Sara Goodnight”

  1. Interesting composition with great angles and lines. I tend to like stairwell shots, and this one is well done. I like the light and the contrast of blue and yellow.

  2. I like the vertigo feeling this photo gives the audience. The perfect straight yellow lines agains the bluish gray stairs contrast very well. This can easily be a architecture study or a narrative.

  3. I really like the sense of movement this photo offers. It kind of reminds me of a Dr. Seuss image, in a way that I can’t really explain.

  4. This piece reminds me of Escher’s “Endless Staircase” where it’s made to purposely confuse the viewer of whether the stairs are going up or down. The staircase further down is a bit ambiguous and almost plays that same kind of game with the eye. The composition for this piece is wonderful; going at an angle rather than squaring it all up. This piece has a nice balance of vertical lines from the bars & window and horizontal lines from the stairs. Well done.

  5. I agree that the angle causes a feeling of vertigo and instability. I appreciate a photograph that can cause the viewer to feel unsettled. The composition is dynamic and the grid system that the windows on the right set up because they provide some contrast to the rest of the piece.

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