photography, Western Michigan University

Sarah Spohn


Sarah Spohn
ART 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″
1 of 5 images

As college students, sometimes we can feel trapped in the complexity and craziness of our schedules and lives. Wherever we go, our minds race with the tasks that need to be completed. There is never a break – our racing thoughts consume us and are never-ending. We are wound so tight into the trap of our obligations that it effects the way we live.

2 thoughts on “Sarah Spohn”

  1. This photograph is extremely interesting and it really catches my eye. The floating chairs add a lot to the meaning of the picture. Nice job

  2. I really appreciate this photo because it is a perfect image of how my mind feels during the busy parts of the semester. The string is wrapped around her as jumbled as my days feel. The chairs which are flying around to me show how on top of everything, things feel out of place. When it comes to the technicality of this image, it is very well pulled off. The white balance is spot on, and the chairs are seamlessly placed into the photo. Each chair that is flying around looks so authentic I question if it is even photoshopped in. Very well done!

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