12 thoughts on “Nikki McKenzie”

  1. I really like the simplicity of these images. The subjects are basic but the compositions are still dynamic and interested. I love the saturated colors, especially the green of the chair.

  2. These images are conceptually captured really well. They are very simple and the lighting in them makes me tingle :3 The vertical lines in the first image make the photo look more energetic.

  3. I agree that the simplicity of these images is really nice. I think the compositions are also working really well. I like that we get the line of the door frame and then the table next to it. It’s very pleasing to my eyes. I agree that the green of the chair is nice. If it was a bland color it wouldn’t be as interesting, but the green is very nice contrasting with the wall. I also like that we see the lines on the green chair it makes it that much more interesting.

  4. I think you did a great job of capturing what you wanted. The use of light and shadow in these images work well. Because you kept the subjects simple, it allows the viewer to focus on the light. I think this type of project would work well in settings and places outside of your home too.

  5. The lighting for these photos is used very well. You can tell that this is just natural light from windows. For me these photos seem to be taken at different times of day. The compositions are working very well for such simple photos. The door and the chair in these photos look animated almost like these were portraits.

  6. As a detail-oriented person, I enjoy these photos because I understand the view you have to have to find them. Many people would overlook these small details of light, but you have captured them nicely. These photos are nicely composed as well.

  7. I agree wit Jennifer, the minimal feel of these images work well with the textures and colors of the subject along with the composition. The use and capture of light is wonderful

  8. Out of these two photographs, I’m more visually attracted to the bottom one. I love the intense color of the chair and the great use of shadow. I also really enjoy the lighter spot on the chair. I think that the top picture is very sharp and crisp and really like how you used the rule of thirds, however, for a project dealing solely on light inside your house, I don’t think the top picture does a good job depicting what your series is about.

  9. I like how the top photograph is arranged with the door and the stool as well as the light reflecting off the wall. very good use of color, and the detail on the wood of the door was something i noticed immediately.

  10. The lighting falls well onto the objects. Even though your subjects are simple objects, these photos are interesting. The soft light and darkness in the shadow are effective and activate the negative space. Although I don’t mind the compositions, I find myself wanting to see more of the objects. Good idea for a series, I’d like to see how the rest of them turned out.

  11. the composition of the door and table is effectively minimalist. the hard line of the door and frame are balanced by the repetition of the doorknob and tabletop. the glow on the handle adds emphasis to the subject, but the light on the wall doesn’t have as much effect. Perhaps it would if we saw more of the light coming in through the blinds. The cropping of the chair throws off the image for me a bit. It’s not quite as strong as the first image. But the shadows and play of light work well in it.

  12. I think these images have really strong compositions and lighting. The slight vignette gives them a certain mood, as does the limited color. They are not oversaturated, and the content is subtle enough to allow the colors and shapes to be emphasized. I’d like to see more in this series.

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