15 thoughts on “Kendra Ginley”

  1. I think this is a great idea for an environmental portrait. The setting of the subject and the subject itself don’ really display any feeling of the concept you’re going for though. I would place these subjects in the environment you are trying to portray. Example: DUI, have the girl in her car being pulled over by the police, etc. The signs aren’t necessary – there might be a stronger impact if you use the subject and setting better.

  2. I disagree with the above commenter, I think the point of this wasn’t to show people getting arrested it was to show how many people get arrested, even people you wouldn’t think would have been. So I think having them in a normal setting works well, maybe if it wasn’t as close up to the subject though it would help convey the idea a little better.

  3. I can see where she’s coming from, since once someone breaks a law, it could really impact the rest of their lives. Also on the point of the frequency of getting arrested, I’m still bummed out that these things still happen no matter how many times people say not to do it. But I guess it’s just one of those disappointing things in life.

  4. These photos seem very amateurish because there is no additional lighting source other than the sunlight and they seem to just placed on a random couch. The composition and signs could have had a bit more attention paid to them as well.

  5. Having the subjects holding a piece of paper while looking straight at the camera is an interesting choice because it is indicative of a mug shot. The facial expressions aren’t similar, so I’m not sure exactly what you’re going for in that regard.
    The bottom picture has an intense face that seems more suited to your theme, but the top one is smiling or even a bit distracted looking. I wonder if that is because the frequency of arrests makes them less important to that individual?

  6. I think this idea could be great, but there are a few issues. The first is the background, as people already pointed out. I would say just do it in front of a concrete wall for all of theme, or something consistent. My second issue is the paper with the words. I think you should maybe type them or make them again look slightly more consistent. It a cool idea, it just looks a little haphazard

  7. Pay closer attention to lighting and background. Maybe it could be more interesting to crop out the subject’s eyes so they seem more like a collective

  8. I think this idea is a beautiful one. With current events, people definitely need to be questioning authority more. However, when it comes to trying to explain the frequency of arrests, it may be more helpful to choose more petty arrests than a DUI, which is quite serious. The lighting in this image is soft and beautiful, however I would change your background of the images for your subjects.

  9. I really lie the the idea of this project and the simplicity of it. As i read through other comments the lighting would be great idea to play around with it if you see fit. Other wise its a great way for you to get your idea out there.

  10. The personality within the subjects definitely evoke that essence of criminal identity. The monochromatic scene, usually as it does, enhances the aura of these identities. Maybe signs are too conspicuous.

  11. I think the initial idea is great however the emotions and settings don’t really give off the feeling I think you are trying to portray. I would place them maybe doing the act or sitting next to the act with the signs to get a better sense of what they did. Or you could stick to the plain background of a wall with out the couch and the materials in the background. Most people I do not think would be smiling after getting arrested wither so the look on your models face should be less happy. The facial expressions don’t express the essence of criminal identity.

  12. These photographs are interesting to me because they resemble mugshots but they are obviously not in jail. Being in what seems to be a home setting shows that committing a crime will effect you for the rest of your life and you will always be guilty of that crime. Both models also look like they are showing no remorse by their facial expressions. The background though is almost confusing and could be changed to make the photos more captivating with a theme.

  13. I think the lighting in these photos work well with the subjects being photographed. I would maybe find a consistency in the perspective of the photos, either head on or looking down at an angle. I would also try to figure out what you want your subjects to convey; an emotion or personality. I think having someone look innocent along with someone who looks guilty and not sorry contradict one another and create a division in the series.

  14. I think the idea of these was really cool and unique, as well as holding up a sign because you can do a lot with that, however I think there were other aspects of this that you could have made really unique and made them stand out. Like somehow comparing the stereotype of each arrest or done a variety of different ones.

  15. I can see the start of where you are going. I think it would be interesting to look at arrests in the frames of social systems. Like using photography to investigate the very high number of arrests for teens of color compared to their white counterparts. Thank you for your work!

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