3 thoughts on “Elena Marchak”

  1. Nice subject matter. The photo is much more than just a picture of a building on the streets. The array of light and shadow against the wide variety of purple colored wall textures on the building is dynamic and engaging. However, I find myself wanting to see less of the street.

  2. I agree with Matt above on seeing less of the street. I want to see a closer image to really understand the building. The closed off windows conveys a sense of something being hidden. Maybe this is a club of some sort. The color is very unique, giving animation to this still building.

  3. The colors of the building draw my attention. I get the sensation that the photographer was driving by, maybe in a bus, saw this and snapped a shot. I think it is due to the angle of the sidewalk, slightly off balance. The sense of motion makes this building seem to have character beyond it’s color.

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