Cazenovia College, photography

Brittany Juravich



Brittany Juravich
SA 371: Large Format Photography
4×5 negative, printed digitally; 16″ x 20″
Part of a series of 5 images

I photographed my grandparents as a way for me to get to know them. The more I started photographing them, I realized that people put on masks and hide their identity. Why do we want to put on a happy face for the camera and only show one side? It may be our best side and what we want people to see, but is it the truth? I may not know everything about my grandparents, but the stories they shared about their past and our family meant a lot to me, which is exactly what I wanted to accomplish.

19 thoughts on “Brittany Juravich”

  1. I really like the idea of taking someone’s photo to get to know them. I also liked how you used two people from your own family. I love the photos as well, the environmental portraiture really works well with your concept.

  2. I really love these images. You have captured a personal feel in the concept. The lighting in these photos are really great too. I like that they aren’t average portrait photographs either… they have a lot more personality and are conceptually strong.

  3. I think this is really great because of the expressions you captured on their faces. It sets the tone for the images, and that fact that they’re shot in black and white makes it feel like they are both lost in memories.

  4. These images are great! I think taking them with film then printing them digitally works well with your concept- it mixes he old (similar to your grandparents) with the new (comparing to you and these new stories you’re hearing about them). The use of light was done really well. The highlights and shadows are great and I love how you put their face in the shadow instead of the traditional highlight.

  5. I enjoy the concept and I like seeing that it took you to other places and ideas. It would be interesting to see where you could take the idea of people hiding their true selves. Both photographs are nice, a little dark but It could play into your concept.

  6. I’m doing a very similar study right now through projection and text and I really how you’re studying this topic through your grandparents. I love the pictures you’ve taken however I think that the shadow on the bottom picture shouldn’t be covering your grand fathers face. In the top picture it’s an even shadow around your grandmothers whole body, but in the bottom picture, the whole body is lit besides the face. You’ve done a great job at showing depth of field and I’m excited for the rest of your series!

  7. Interesting work. I particularly enjoy the photo of your grandmother in her kitchen. There’s a nice little grouping going on with your grandmother, the frig and the micro. For some reason I feel like my eye goes to the micro before it sees your grandmother, though. Maybe because it is lighter. All in all I like the quiet tone in both photos.

  8. The image really seems to capture their true emotions, just as you intended. Darker tones seem to surround your grandparents, which is contrasted by the the lighter tones of the rest of the frame. The other objects photographed in the background and foreground emphasize the age of the subjects, which I think is an important aspect of the photos.

  9. These two photos fill me with memories of my own grandparents. I wish I had taken photos of them years ago. I really like how the photos convey a type of distance between the viewer and the subject (the grandparents). There is something very much about waiting represented in these photos. I wish the man was also looking at the camera, as the woman is.

  10. Both of these photos have great lighting and composition. I was moved by your idea, and I think you’ve done a great job of portraying it here.

  11. The lighting on both images is amazing, you really captured the essence of both of your grandparents. I especially am drawn into the composition of your grandmother that beyond her you see the kitchen and items on the refrigerator that are part of who she is.

  12. Both pictures have really good compositions. In addition, I think the figures in these photos are comfortable with the surroundings, which tell more about the personalities as well. However, I wish there could be more details on the figures with more contrasty effects.

  13. I enjoy the subtlety of the light, it gives me the feeling of time passing, another day and another sunset. The feeling a specific time and place in these photos reminds me that at any moment the people we know can leave us. I think these are really melodramatic and intriguing photos. Good job.

  14. Great lifestyle portraits you have here. Both of your grandparents exhibit fairly opposite expressions. Your grandma is engaging the camera, while your grandfather is disengaged, perhaps monitoring his lawn. Ha! These are both beautiful, you’ve done a great job!

  15. The lightning is something that draws me to your pictures. Your use of natural light is really interesting. Normally, I feel people, including myself, tend to lit people’s face with the most amount of light and try hard to have light on people’s faces. But your use of natural light lighting on other parts of the picture actually adds a different mood to these pictures. I really like this.

  16. I think the lens you used here goes very well with the portrait photography. I also enjoy the fact that they aren’t smiling in your typical portrait photo. These images make me want to question what their stories were like you mentioned in your description. They seem like they have gone through a lot. The lighting you used also helps to form a distinct image that is unique to their own personalities because the lighting isn’t being shined on their faces, instead, it is off center. It shows that something is off and that not everything can be picture perfect. The pictures also seem a bit dark, almost like it’s hard to see them through the image. This might have been your intentions, and I think it adds to the essence, but I just thought it made it harder to see their faces. Good photos overall!

  17. There is a very journalistic style in these images that contrasts the emotional connection you are trying to achieve by taking them, but I think it really works here. I wish your grandfather in the second image was not in the shadows so much, but it can also work as you are trying to communicate the masks they are behind.

  18. These prints tell a story of your grandparents that you were able to capture through their expressions, the angles, light and colors. How you were able to capture the light in each photo is well done and sets up and interesting scene to look at. Yet, at the same you were able to keep the focus remain on the person and their face.

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