5 thoughts on “Chase Ravesteijn”

  1. I really like the contrast that comes from the images of Rosie and Shamus. The pooping picture of Rosie is perfect, but I would like to see it matched up with the Shamus poop picture.

  2. I like the tone of your grays but I’m a little confused on the intended concept. The dogs seem to be caught in normal situations but in awkward poses, if you wanted to capture the awkwardness of dogs I think just taking more photos of your subjects would have gone the trick. I suggest trying take photos in motion since dogs are often energetic creatures… as the photos stand now they are a bit too documentary.

  3. The juxtaposed images in this post are very interesting to me… while they are both dogs, one looks sweet and innocent curled up on a couch – probably one of the most common positions that we see dogs in photos usually. However, the other photo is a pose we don’t see as often because it is a more taboo action. I wonder if this was your intent in choosing these two photographs or if you had some other reason for putting these photos together. The second also looks more like a stray verses the house dog in the first.

  4. I found the image of Rosie very funny. Although this may not have been your original idea, I believe it is difficult to photograph comedy. This is a photo any dog owner/lover can relate to. I can imagine the thoughts Rosie’s having realizing she’s being exposed in her most vulnerable moment.

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