photography, St. Norbert College

Michael Danforth


Michael Danforth
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Print: 20.5″x13.5″

The assignment was to photograph intimate space. I accomplished this while riding on a train during a trip to Colorado. When I realized I could not get any shots of the scenery, I decided to focus on my assignment and try to capture the the other vacationers’ reflections. This is not a collage, it’s just one of the shots I was able to get.

8 thoughts on “Michael Danforth”

  1. It definitely looks like this is a double-exposure, so it’s cool that you were able to achieve this effect in a single shot. I get a feeling of the environment inside the train, but also of the beautiful landscape outside. I especially enjoy the yellow squares created by the reflection of the windows on the other side of the train.

  2. I really like the idea of reflection here and I think it’s working well overlaid with the scenery. I like that I can see multiple people reflected back to me, but really can only see one face. I also like that you can see the outline of where the windows are on the other side of the train because it gives the idea of a train without being too obvious. I think the mish-mash of people and nature is really cool and it is very effective.

  3. Normally it’s not a good thing to get a reflection of the scene behind you in the window but i think in this case it’s more interesting than if you had just taken a picture of the passengers themselves. It would be nice if you could make out a little more detail in the passengers and less of the background.

  4. I am evoked by engaging view of the everything that’s happening in this photo. The nature scene is well framed in between of the camera and person on the right. Seeing through the glass, capturing the view with the camera, and with what appears to be someone whose jaw is dropped, creates a sense of wonder and enlightenment. I understand the use of lots of saturation in this photo, but I think it was pushed just a bit too far.

  5. The use of reelection is done really well in this image. You are about to see both the background and the foreground of the image. You are able to see the photographer as well as the rocks and trees outside the window. It at first made me think that this picture was taken at a zoo since you saw the glass, but from the comments it sounds like from a train. Regardless, the use of reelection allows you to see what the photographers angle is as well as what is visible beyond the area that the photographer is bound by travel.

  6. I like your decision to focus on the reflections created by the window and light, instead of capturing what was outside looking through the window. The amount of layers you achieved at one moment is interesting. I am wondering if there was one area of the inside that was more clear then the you achieved with the rocks, if the sensation inside and outside living together, would be conveyed stronger.

  7. This photograph really interests me because first I want to investigate what the two differently depicted scenes are, and once that is realized, I like it for a whole different reason. I think the juxtaposition between the outer, open world, and the glimpse into the cramped, enclosed train that we get through the reflection is very strong. I also think it was a strong idea to have the main focus be not on the scenery outside, but you are more drawn to investigate what is going on within the reflection.

  8. What an interesting concept. The candid nature and the setting on the train makes me think of the cliche about strangers on a train telling each other anything because they’ll never meet again. Having the reflection against a natural scene creates an interesting effect. However, it’s difficult to see the reflection, so I don’t actually know what the passengers are up to.

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