8 thoughts on “Tarah Evans”

  1. I really like how in the image you first see just the women. Then in the second image you get a ghost like image. I am not sure if it is a double exposure or if the picture was taken with a long light exposure but I like how that it gives a sense of movement. I also like how her expression in the more faint image is also very similar to the top image bringing the piece together.

  2. I like the way you made these portraits different. Great lighting in both of the pictures. And the second one gives a very unique look.

  3. To me the second photo has the most visual impact. The two views of the same young woman captures the way we are all “many people” with diverse sides, even from minute to minute. To me this photo is about longing.

  4. I like the second image. It seems to speak to the layers of thought that everyone has. It reminds me of how someone can be partially engaged in a conversation or whatever they’re doing and partially lost in their own thoughts. The empty background makes the figure’s position and facial expression the focus. The placement of her arm is especially interesting.

  5. The second image has a ghost-like quality to it from double exposure. Yet, the light throughout and the subject’s more normal stances make the image less haunting which is kind of interesting and maybe not what I would initially expect of a black and white, double exposure image. The subject’s dark black dress adds a nice element of contrast to the otherwise more whispy image.

  6. I love ghost images. I think it is a cool choice to put a normal portrait first and then the ghost image. This can lead the viewer to think about many different things.

  7. I really like these two images together. The sense of a person there and not there is such a cool concept. It is an interesting twist on the idea of portraiture as well as motion and time passing. I have been thinking about how to document time for a project for my own photography class and this idea is one that stood out to me. The combination of a still image and an image with your subject in motion is one that I definitely would like to try!

  8. These two images are very strong in the black and white. The second image is very engaging and very successful with the ghosting effect. I like how you were able to capture two different emotions of the girl in two different still images merged together. It adds layers to the composition that make it much more visually appealing. I think that positioning the girl dead center in this image works well with the all-white background.

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