4 thoughts on “Austin Grove”

  1. I really enjoy urban landscape photography, so I found myself very drawn to these photos. I love the geometric relationships found in them, and the eerie quality they have from the lack of visible people. I am also fond of the editing you’ve done to give the photos a cool, moody tone.

  2. The landscapes have an interesting point of view by shooting at an angled perspective instead of viewing the buildings straight on. This creates an aesthetically pleasing texture that keeps the viewer’s eye moving.

  3. Panoramas or landscapes of buildings are bountiful, but these photos use more than just the “cityscape” idea that we’ve seen so many times (making us think that we should take more cityscape pictures because we already think they look cool). I see the use of the buildings’ geometry to create gridded structures, even implementing perspective, to create more than just a “cool picture”. Cropping the buildings to the edge of the frame aids the grid because the space gets filled, instead of involving the whole building leaving empty sky in the background. It then becomes about the intersection of the parts, the windows of one building with the roof of another, which leads into the street below. I could imagine a direction to develop this would be a really well structured grid of cityscape, with something juxtaposed into it, such as a single person walking down the street ruining the perfection of it all. Or I could imagine these photos to be even bigger, maybe more buildings but still in harmony, or just the same amount of landscape but on a larger scale.

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