4 thoughts on “Emily Yslas”

  1. I really like this concept. These images are displayed in such a way that it made me look deeper into the image to find out exactly where and what they were of.

  2. The second one grabbed my attention. I enjoy the angel its taken it, along with its contrast, the photo has a dramatic mood. I am confused about the lights in the sky but not annoyed by them. The street lights turned out cool, they look like balls of light.

  3. The contrast range in these photos is good but next time if your project was based around long exposure and movement I think you would be more equipped to catch it with a tri-pod since it seems you had a problem with image stabilization. I would also be more intentional if you meant to rotate the image to emphasis the movement.

  4. I’m curious if the first image is supposed to be vertical. Personally, I would have liked to have seen it horizontal. The framing and angle on the 2nd photo creates the image. You can feel the cars passing underneath you when looking at the lights going by. Had the artist been centered I think the image would have felt too intentional.

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