Mississippi State University, photography

Haleigh Parker



Haleigh Parker
ART 3873 Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 18″ x 12″
20 Images in Series

If everyone thought back to their childhood almost everyone could think of a favorite toy that they had. These items brought comfort, joy, and endless hours of fun. But where are these toys now? Forgotten and abandoned. These toys that used to bring continuous delight are now worn. This project focuses on these toys that once gave children happiness, yet are now no where to be found. The intent of this project is to focus on the toys themselves and the memories that people associate with them.

9 thoughts on “Haleigh Parker”

  1. The subject and concept of this image the contrast of the colors of Kermit with the lighting of the photo is very well done. The choice of background was a great idea as well because it keeps the focus on the subject. This image speaks childhood, perfectly.

  2. The choice to keep the background completely black removes any context from the toy and makes it seem like it’s in an advertisement. There’s something unsettling about the way that Kermit’s eye is missing. Rather than seeming sad or forgotten, there’s something about both toys that seems almost unnerving.

  3. I really like how these toys seem almost highlighted in a way, with only the back background surrounding each toy so that it won’t distract our eyes from the main subject. The loss of innocence is portrayed pretty well here with Kermit’s eye missing, and the destroyed look of each of them. The lighting is also very essential here with highlighting the toys, so that seems very well done. Although these pictures are really simple, they also have so much meaning and stories behind them that only a few people (Mainly of our generation) would be able to understand.

  4. Okay the one-eyed Kermit the frog freaked me out, but I see where Haleigh is coming from. I also remember the viewmaster way back then, those were fun to use. This could also tie in to Pixar’s Toy Story series, because in the third film, Andy is all grown up and heading to college, and the toys don’t know what could happen to them. If anything, these photos could mean that toys are a big deal because they helped shaped our childhoods. And we can also pass these toys on to the next generation.

  5. what a great series idea! I like that I can recognize these childhood toys. I think it would be very interesting to read a statement from each of the owners or see them photographed with their object

  6. I really like the ideas behind these pictures and I think they were executed well. The black background keeps me completely focus on the toy. This is sad yet nostalgic. Very successful! 🙂

  7. I really enjoy the simplicity of these images. I think that having the black background helped the objects to stand out more and lets the focus be on the objects rather than the surroundings they would be in.

  8. Due to the black background, the viewer is instantly drawn to the focal point of your images; the abandoned toys. I think the missing eye and dust on the view master deeply convey the feeling of aging in the images. I also think you have achieved a good lighting scenario, as there are no distracting shadows to be drawn away from your message.

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