7 thoughts on “Matthew Motes”

  1. The lighting in this works very well for the photo. It gives the locket a story instead of it being just an object. Well done.

  2. the shallow depth of field and dramatic lighting work well in this image. it sets a certain tone which reflects the subject matter. the emptiness of the locket makes us wonder about what person from what image is missing and why. there are a lot of stories that could develop from this image

  3. I meant to comment on this a long time ago but the page loaded more images and I lost track of this one! I love the simplicity of this picture. Your contrast and light choices are perfect for the locket vibe. I am drawn into your photo and want to know more!

  4. This photo seems to tell a story of heartbreak. The locket is empty and left on a table rather than around someone’s neck. The short depth of field puts absolute precedence on the locket, which creates a sense of history and loneliness.

  5. The lighting in this image reminds me of candlelight; which truly goes with the older feel of it. It’s reminiscent of a time when lockets had far more meaning to the wearer than they do now, The short depth of field as well as the locket standing alone really make us feel how important the locket is and how heavy it is to see the locket empty and therefore purposeless. This piece has an almost painful feel to it, like someone used to be in that locket, but now something has changed. The locket isn’t the only thing that’s empty.

  6. The light and composition of this photo really tell a story. It caught my attention immediately. I really enjoy the gradient in the background, it accompanies the locket perfectly. It really makes me feel like this locket represents a loss of someone or something. Because the locket is left open to show its emptiness it feels like a memory of someone. It is a stunning photo!

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