photography, St. Norbert College

Samantha Bonin



Samantha Bonin
Art 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Prints
Shine: 17×12
Desk: 12×18
3 images in the series, but 2 are being shown

The subject of the project was “The Everyday Uncanny,” and I rather liked the idea of everyday objects or phenomena as being extraordinary. I decided to explore the phenomena of light for this project, capturing the way the light was shining on a desk, or the way it’d bounce off a sequin headband – but only at the right moment.

6 thoughts on “Samantha Bonin”

  1. I like the idea here, and find it to be rather interesting. I like the way the light shines off of the sequins on the headband. It’s captivating and really shows the idea of everyday objects being extraordinary and beautiful. I also like the way the light is on the desk and the depth of field is really nice for that picture. I’d be interested to see what the 3rd image is and if also deals with light in an interesting way that makes an everyday object interesting and extraordinary. You really did capture these objects at the right moment. Good job!

  2. I think you’ve captured how light works with everyday objects and making them seem extraordinary. Exploring how light works with various subjects such as sequins is interesting and refreshing to look at. I think it would even have a bigger impact if the viewer felt closer…perhaps zoom in on the sequins to make them feel significantly larger in scale….just a thought!

  3. what is very effective about the headband for me is that you are capturing all aspects of light; not only are we seeing glare and shine, but also the highlights and lowlights of each of the sequins, the reflection they create on the wood and the shadow of the headband on the table. The combination of all these elements makes it an intriguing image. The first image doesn’t quite have the same pop. Perhaps having a sharper image of light pattern would focus attention more on the subject matter.

  4. I really like how you are taking everyday, ordinary objects and creating something beautiful out of them by photographing them in the right light or with the right angle. The photos seem so approachable, like something I’ve seen before because they are so ordinary. I think that its simplicity and catching that familiarity in the viewer is something great to have achieved. I understand the beauty that you saw when you looked at this object just right.

  5. I really like how it looks like you used interior lighting to highlight the beautiful aspects of everyday objects such as a desk, or the sequined headband. The reflective light that bounces off the headband really catches the eye of the viewer and makes them look directly at that and then the eye follows the pattern of the sequins to the bottom left of the picture, then across the picture following the lines of the wood desk. The lighting really highlights certain areas of the pictures to enhance the beauty of them, and I think that’s a really affective look as a composition overall. Also, the short depth of field in the top photo is really interesting and kind of distracting with that one piece of fabric focused on in the bottom right corner which I think distracts the viewers from the beauty of the lighting on the desk.

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