Otterbein University, photography

Stephanie Parker



Stephanie Parker
Art 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital Print; 11″ x 14″
14 images in series

Coming from a very large, extended family, I have been interested in genetics and in how genetics can carry over from generation to generation. It is my goal in this project to show an individual as such, an individual, but also being part of something larger – a family. To view the complete series, please visit the following link:

6 thoughts on “Stephanie Parker”

  1. the subtle consistencies in each image connects them quite beautifully, and reinforces the concept behind the work. The softness of the background, with the blurred outline of trees, the inclusion of the ground to weight each image, and the central positioning of the subject matter work in this regard. It’s interesting to then notice the similarities between the subject’s themselves, and realize how the photos connect even more.

  2. These photos are lovely. I think the way your subjects look directly into the camera, but don’t smile or pose in a typical way is nice. The way you have the people in focus and framed in the middle of the picture really makes each photo seem about the individual. Maybe seeing all of the pictures lined up in a gallery would make it seem more about the collective.

  3. It’s interesting to see the similarities between the subjects and the simplicity of the photos really highlights that. Everything is good here, the contrast, composition, poses, and background. Good job

  4. I think the black and white effect is a great idea here. It makes the pictures more simplistic but easier to see resemblance. Maybe increasing the sharpness and some contrast would help even more, but I really like your choice of focus and background in both of these pictures.

  5. The comparison photos are really well done because the two girls in the photos look related. The way you got them to pose the same way and to smile in the same exact way is really good because you have eliminated any deviations from what we are seeing. They both have kind eyes and the calm smile staring straight at the camera and it just makes us think that they are mother and daughter because of the same facial expression. I also like how you did it in black and white because it emphasizes the similarities even more than if it were to be in color. Good job, you were really successful in what you wanted to portray!

  6. These two images are very sweet and also successful. The composition of both subjects has them centered, with a blurred background, aiming the focus directly at them and their appearances and expressions. I too am interested in the carrying on of genetics and elements unique to individuals as well. The contrast is a good level and adds to focus on shapes of the subjects rather than their clothing or other colored objects.

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