photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Adrienne Wells



Adrienne Wells
ART 376: Black and White Photography
Silver Prints; 6″ x 9″

These two images are part of a series translating an idiom or phrase, interpreting and bringing it to life. The allusion in each image is not meant to be strikingly obvious, but hopefully cause the viewer to linger a little longer and think about each photo.

7 thoughts on “Adrienne Wells”

  1. Very expressive. Each of these photos look as if they have a story to tell. The lighting makes each of these photos seem dream like. I noticed that the tilted composition in the first photo runs at an opposite angel to the axe, which I think adds to the dramatic scene. I also like the gradients of light on the ground as it’s pulled off into space. Very cool shots.

  2. Both photos definitely evoke a strong emotional response from the viewer. The first makes me think of strength and revenge. It’s very eerie and makes me feel afraid. The second makes me think of things forgotten or how fleeting things can be (time, passions, youth, etc). It makes me feel lonely; almost as if I’m thinking from the perspective of the violin. Both photos feel like they are part of a story; like the still image of when you’re walking in on the middle of a conversation.

  3. I mainly want to commend you on your second photograph. The subject matter is very luring. I love your choice of lighting and values on the violin and leaves. It gives a calming sense to the photograph and it is pleasing to my eye. Nice job!

  4. I especially like the second photo too. The way that the girl is caught in mid-step creates a sense of motion that’s very effective. I am curious about the idiom, but both pictures tell a story. To me it seems like the girl forgot something she needs to practice her violin. The proximity of the delicate violin to feet and being left outside creates an uneasiness for me as well. Additionally, though, there’s a sense of light and summer that makes it seem like a pleasant memory.

  5. These appear to me as old film stills with the soft filter near the lightest parts and the narrative of action, either happening or about to happen. The contrast in the photo is well ranged and the sepia tone gives it a warm emotion to the scene. The photos are gentle and give me a great sense of allusion to something bigger like you were trying to convey. Good Job.

  6. Both photos are really good as a form of story telling. I can see a potential of motion in both pictures. In addition, I like the angle in the perspective and how the pictures were composited in a certain way. The depth of field was well approached. However, I think a little bit more contrast could bring more dramatic effects to the pictures.

  7. The anonymity of character is a good touch. I don’t agree the comment suggesting increasing contrast. I think the overexposed, washed out look is effective and necessary to make the scene look surreal.

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