photography, Western Michigan University

Alvaro Tomas

Student Choice Odd One Out

Alvaro Tomas
Art 3470: Digital Photography 1
Digital Print

My family has had this statue since I was young, and as we were all raised Catholic, it fit our household. A few years ago, I stopped believing in all that and the reception i initially received from my parents was a stench of disappointment, but apart from that, they accepted it. it was my circle of friends that did not take the news well. I felt like the odd one out for a short time afterwards. I found this statue and humorously thought to myself “yeah that’s kinda how it felt.” The choice to make the angel (who I’m assuming is Gabriel) monochromatic in contrast to his more colorful prey was a choice I made to represent the black and white outlook my friends shared with my disillusion of the church at the time.”

3 thoughts on “Alvaro Tomas”

  1. religious imagery is quite emotionally charged–a lot of passion and suffering that reflect religious texts associated with Catholicism. I think that intensity of feeling is well captured in this image, due to both perspective and color. The framing works well in this regard as well, creating a cramped, oppressive space and emphasizing a crushing force. If the edges of the statue (i.e. the angel’s wings and the man’s hand) were included entirely in the frame, I think this framing would be even more effective.

  2. I find this to be a very powerful photograph. There is a bold statement that is being made. The contrast between the statues color also help to make a dramatic scene. The statues have a beautiful detailed sculpture. The bottom figured shows distress and discomfort while the top figure has defined structure of its body. Your point was made very clear. There is also a nice flow of negative and positive space made.

  3. I wonder who that is the angel is stepping on, a demon? A person who sinned? I don’t know. As for the statue, it is an interesting closeup and the lighting is good. The only nitpick I have is the angel starts to blur out a little too much.

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