18 thoughts on “Cassie White”

  1. This is a really interesting outlook on how the media interprets gender. I like the idea that you are capturing and would like to see more of it.

  2. The concept immediately grabbed my attention. We’ve been accustomed to seeing stereotypical poses for both males and females – switching them brings about emotions of confusion and uncertainty. I like that this idea works for even the upper body figure, it would be interesting to see how this works for full body shots as well.

  3. These photos really work well as a pairing. Since the poses and clothing of the two models are reversed, why not also the backgrounds of the photos? I was wondering what it would be like if the image of the man would be agains a white background. This might bring in a discussion of how fashion poses delineates perceived race with the gender of each model, and emphasizing the cultural contexts of vulnerability and assertion in the poses too, the concepts the photographer mentioned. I am not sure if this is of interest. What if the woman had a tattoo as well? Just some thoughts. Overall the images are very visually striking.

  4. If this doesn’t say double-standard, then I don’t know what does. So the topless woman is posing like a man would, and the bare chested man is posing like a woman would. My take on this is that the man is holding his chest like a women would while the women bares her breasts. This is to show the irony on why it’s socially and legally acceptable for men to be topless in public, but for a woman to do so, it’s a completely different story. By that I mean jail, criminal record, and probably public ostracization. I think once the woman bared her chest, she may have the feeling of freedom from social taboos that men have, while the man covering his chest must be thinking what women go through every day: that female modesty is much more strict on them than it is for men.

  5. Witty combination, the conceptual idea poetically reveals itself through the interaction of the two images, fantastic. I am curious about why the man looks away from the camera while the woman doesn’t, (if that was intentional).

  6. This pairing is beautiful. The switching of gender roles in these images brings to light a double standard in our society that is typically overlooked, This woman’s posture and facial expression are both so casual and shameless; whereas the man is trying to cover himself while looking away, as if ashamed of his body. These images show how ridiculous these gender roles are. Showing that one sex is taught to hide and be ashamed of their bodies, while the other can casually flaunt the same body parts around without a second thought. It’s asinine.

  7. I love the concept here. I would love to see it continued as a series with stronger photos. I’m sure you could really push this concept and have even more feminine and masculine poses.

  8. Right off the bat I absolutely love how the females nipples are showing. Lately I’ve been very intrigued with the fact that we are all so uncomfortable when we see a female’s nipple, but are so normalized by a male’s. Even in movies, and television it is normal and accepted for a man to be topless, but when a woman is topless we all feel uncomfortable and consider it porn. Your concept is spot on, and executed to a pin. The female’s pose is so directly reading male, the way her arm is in the air and her other arm is pulling down her bottoms shows her own pride in her body, as males are often posed in media. When it comes to the males pose it is strikingly contrasted to the girl, but nevertheless exactly how it is in the media. The way his body language is acting as if he has something to hide or be ashamed of is shown in the way he isn’t looking at the camera, and his shoulders are collapsed as he is trying to cover his breasts. Even in media when this pose is used for a female it is still considered scandalous because “too” much of her body would be showing and she doesn’t have a shirt on. This set is very interesting to see because it looks so wrong in our eyes, but with the opposite genders we wouldn’t even think twice. I believe in this generation we are making leaps and bounds towards the acceptance of the body, among many other things. Very great concept.
    When it comes to the technical aspect of these photos I believe you executed that just as well. Both faces are lit up, with a strong contrast to the background. Very crisp, high quality photos. Well done.

  9. I like the concept and want to see the whole series. The two images tell a great story about males and females roles in fashion from one side and makes me want to see more.

  10. The lighting, contrast and composition of both photos are very strong. What I enjoy most about these are the subjects vulnerability, they seem to be indifferent to the point to where it normalizes their poses. If the subjects were acting as the female or male models doing their accurate “gender poses” I think the facial expressions would be very different from the ones in your photos but at that point it would probably just be a fashion photo rather than a comment on gender in fashion photography. Good execution of a rather common topic.

  11. I love the concept of these photos and the poses definitely made me look twice because my first thought was ‘how strange’. I’m obviously too used to what the media shows! I also like the darkness contrasted with the light on the bodies. It focuses the viewer.

  12. I think this is really effective, when in ads the female usually comes of as conserved, in your photos she comes off as confident, comfortable, and almost fearless. The male does portray a more conserved personality. I like seeing the roles switched. The lighting you used was very successful too, these photos have good contrast.

  13. I really enjoy the concept behind these images. In a time where feminism is greatly needed (as if it’s ever not) I find these images to be both visually compelling and extremely important for people to view. I think the choice of poses you used to challenge the stereotypical poses were exceptional choices, and the use of different underwear also helps convey your idea.

  14. Really good concept. I feel both of these images capture the message that you’re attempting to convey. Both are also technically sound.

  15. This concept is creative and also addresses a huge controversy in the world we live in today. Mixing up gender roles is a great idea to show the sexualization of both genders. The photos are compelling and the models both look comfortable and confident.

  16. This concept is something I think society would love to see. I think the lighting in these photos is fantastic and not too light or too dark, perfect for the subject matter. I think the way you have them posed is great and having them face the camera or away captures the emotion trying to be shown. I wonder what would happen if the people were dressed in clothes that models are usually dressed in, like for the ones shown above, underwear from a certain store or a brand.

  17. I really like the lightning in your second picture. It does a great job to show the three-dimensional aspects to the male figure’s body. The light on his right-side face is a bit too bright for me. But in general, it is a cool photo

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